about the webmaster!

hello visitor! i am slushie, real name ashley, a 17 yr old autistic girl in love with creativity, technology, animanga, and video games. i love to draw and i'm trying to enjoy life day by day. here is some stuff i like and am interested in, in no particular order ^_^

stuff i love !!
♡ art and creativity
♡ game consoles
♡ computers
♡ cats
♡ animanga
♡ games
♡ old web design
♡ writing
♡ cute graphics
♡ clothes
♡ cosplay
♡ anime figures

media i love !!
♡ vocaloid
♡ hypnospace outlaw
♡ the world ends with you
♡ cowboy bebop
♡ persona series
♡ ace attorney series
♡ various rhythm games
♡ the idolm@ster
♡ pokemon
♡ splatoon
♡ animal crossing
♡ and more...

quizzes i've taken :]
What Madoka Magica Character Are You?
What Dere Type Are You?
I am a Togetic!

stamp collection!