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this is where i talk about stuff no one asked about !! :]

> 12.9.22

HI GUYS im so sorry for no updates. just busy stuff n all that. and im struggling on what to add to the site. i know i wanna add graphics and more shrine stuffs and maybe a writing page but im like fresh out of ideas and motivation. im hoping to find some motivation soon because i think it'd make me happier. but anyways my birthday is tomorrow which makes me an official adult (i sure as hell dont feel like one though). its a shame i must leave my youth behind me but at least i get to hang out n do fun stuff on my birthday. like im gonna go to the arcade for a while i love the arcade but i never have an excuse to go. they've got some cool rhythm games at my local one cant wait to check em out!! but putting tomorrow aside im kinda busy today too. i gotta finish cleaning my room and get my hair cut. my bangs have grown out a lot to the point where they arent really even bangs anymore so having them trimmed might need a little getting used to lol. i hope the stuff i have to do today doesnt take too long because i wanna make some anime gifs for my graphics page. i like gifs they're fun to look at. but yeah uhh thats all i have to say today i think. i'll try my best to start updating the site again sorry everyone :(

> 11.3.22

hello everyone sorry for the slow updates ive been busy x_x halloween was fun though i put a witch costume together last minute n then me and my bestfriend walked around my aunts neighborhood for like an hour and got some candy. and then yesterday i went to my sisters house and her and her wife gave me some of their old clothes (thank u dear sister) bc most my clothes don't fit me anymore -_- also my brother was kind enough to renew my ps plus a few days ago (thank u dear brother) so i got to play overwatch 2 finally. and my take on it is that its still the same game its always been except this time they gave us shitty microtransactions. which is frustrating for me because i like collecting skins but unless they make currency easier to acquire for free im not gonna be able to get anymore. bc fuck spending money on this game yk. but that aside im still having fun getting to play overwatch again :] to be honest im more interested in the character lore than i am the actual gameplay nowadays. i feel like the game was way more engaging when i had just started playing back in 2018. i'm still really excited for PvE but i hope they don't pull any weird paywall stuff with it. in other news i think me and bestfriend are gonna play weird pokemon romhacks today which will be super fun :D and im gonna look for more random graphics and stuff on old websites. its kinda hard trying to find old pages with good graphics on them but its also really fun exploring the old web.

> 10.30.22

good morning world!! yesterday i went to my bestfriends pumpkin carving party and i had a lot of fun :] i carved a cat face into my pumpkin. it was kinda hard because i hadn't carved a pumpkin in a couple years and my pumpkin was full of stubborn guts that didn't wanna come out but i pulled through :D before i went to the party i scoured some old webpages in search of graphics to put on my graphics page. there are a lot of graphics i come across that i think are cute but i don't know what to use them for so i'm thinking that displaying them on the graphics page would be nice because then other people can use them instead lol. i think today im going to look for more graphics and play ds games with my bestfriend ^_^ i think my brother is also stopping by today to watch new chainsaw man ep with me so that will be fun. he hasn't finished the manga yet but i did so i know all the spoilers hehe. also sad news i still don't have a halloween costume and its obv the day before halloween so like i'm gonna have to put something together quick or nothing at all. we have a costume box out in the garage with older costume stuff but idk where it is and i don't wanna search around in the garage because theres always bugs in there :( i still have my dva costume to fall back on but i still haven't tried it on and its too late to order a wig for it so i'd have to go without.

> 10.27.22

today i made this page! and not much else. i wanted to work a lot on this site today but i didn't have many ideas on where to start and how lol. theres a lot of people on here with super cool layouts and i want to have a supercool layout too but my html skills just aren't there yet :( i know i'll get there with time though, i started html at the end of last year and my first layout on this site was really bad (real ones remember vintage shinyslushie). i wanna find all kinds of cute graphics to put on the graphics page when that finally goes up and make some of my own too! i wanna make a whole bunch of stuff like stamps and blinkies and buttons. i've also taken up making anime gifs in photoshop so i want to put those on the graphics page as well (i put together that tenka gif on the front page!)

on another note halloween is coming up really really soon and i don't have a costume yet >_< i think i want to be a witch though. ik its basic but i think its fun. ideally i would be a super cute witch with a huge droopy hat and a frilly dress but i don't think i have the time nor the budget for that... so i think a more traditional witch will have to do. i'm gonna have to put something together quick so wish me luck dear reader. i do also have a costume i got a couple years back but i doubt it still fits me bc i gained weight since then :(( maybe the world isn't ready for fat but if i try it on and it fits and i decide the world is ready for fat dva i might order a brown wig for the costume n then reuse the wig for other cosplays (i only have like 2 cosplays help.) anyways i think thats all i have to say for today if u read this far please take care and have a good rest of ur day